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Filmscreening “ Save My Speech Forever” (about poet Osip Mandelstam)

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Meet Roman Liberov, director, screenwriter, and producer. He left Russia a year before the full-scale war.

At the beginning of 2023, the music collection "After Russia," produced by Liberov, was released. In it the musicians, forced to leave because of their anti-war stance, performed songs to the poetry of Russian poets who had emigrated 100 years earlier.

Director Roman Liberov: "We left our country to the thugs. (

17.30: Doors

18.30: Film about Osip Mandelstam “Sokhrani moyu rech navsegda” (with English subtitles) Sokhrani moyu rech navsegda (2015) - IMDb

20.00: Lecture from director and questions and answers

Price: 250 nok

Ledsager går gratis, men det er fint om dere gir beskjed om at dere kommer til