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Maya Deren Supernova

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Written and performed by Claire Hind

Music by The Long Dead Stars

Maya Deren Supernova is a live solo performance of experimental spoken word developed from out of a series of dark sky walks. Claire has been walking at night within the spaces that culture has warned us to be afraid of, tuning into the darkness and its qualities, connecting Earth to cosmos. Claire has been leading on a series of night walks for communities to appreciate protected dark sky reserves, through woodland and high moorland because we live in a society where an excessive use of artificial light creates pollution, deterring views of our amazing universe

Who are we if we can’t connect to our dark skies?

The performance invites us to reconsider how we respond to, and be with, the night, whilst channelling the imagination of the film maker Maya Deren, whose manipulation of time and space and dream-like sequences illustrate movement across different spaces, through jump-cuts, slow motion and superimposition

In collaboration with Oslo Metropolitan University