B*** where the F*** is my manifesto?! - 2. september


30. august . 2. september kl. 19:30

Bitch where the Fuck is my manifesto?! is a touring one-woman show: written, directed and performed by Duduzile Mathonsi. Developed in collaboration with scenographer Liam and supported by Deise Nunes and Camila egg.

The solo production investigates the narratives of the black female body and centralises the black female experience, giving space to address the bodies agency of being exploring the sexuality and vulnerability of a black woman. Therefore reclaiming and attempting to indigenize space. The work uses the space to create different shifts of “the spectacle vs. spectator”.

Bitch where the Fuck is my manifesto?! is based on Duduzile’s personal research sparked by meeting points of intercultural intersectionality relating to voice, body and movement.